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Weed Identification App Available

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Would you like to have weed identification book with you at all times, but the logistics are impossible.   Have you  have lost your favorite weed ID book that used to be in your work truck?  Does the idea of carrying a copy of Weeds of the West in your day back make you tired just thinking about it?  We have an answer for you.

There is a new Android app for tablets & smart phones.   It is the Expert Identification System by XID Services Inc.   It has over 1,000 broadleaf plants and and interactive weed ID system.    If you have your phone you have help.

Becky just saw a demo and once it is on your phone you don’t even need service to use it.   There is a two day special going on right now and you can have it for $9.95  Here is the link.

This is not an endorsement of this product, but it looks like a winner and we want to share it with you.   If you get it let us know what you think!

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