Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.


Montana Action Plan for the Biological Control of Invasive Plants

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015


The Montana Biological Control Working Group has produced the Montana Action Plan for Biological Control of Invasive Plants.   Download your copy of the document: Montana Action Plan for Biological Control of Invasive Plants

This was produced by: The Montana Biological Control Working Group (MBCWG) was convened in 2008 as a functional unit under the Montana Weed Control Association’s Integrated Weed Management Chair. The MBCWG is an open membership group comprised of interested stakeholders including private individuals and participants from state, federal, county, and other organizations. The MBCWG is charged with developing a structure to assist in and improve the current methods for the redistribution and monitoring of biological control agents in the state of Montana. Our plans are to identify any deficiencies in the current implementation of weed biological control in Montana and suggest measures to improve biological control as a weed management tool.
The mission of the group: To advance the use of biological control as an integrated management tool to reduce invasive weeds and their impacts in Montana

Be Plant Wise – Grow Me Instead

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


Published by Invasive Species Council of British Columbia.

The Grow Me Instead booklet includes 27 of BC’s most ‘unwanted’ plants in horticulture, as well as five recommended alternatives (non-invasive native or exotic plants) for gardeners and landscapers.  – Download Grow Me Instead booklet. It is 72 pages and just under 2mb.