Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Prevention & Education

Weed Prevention

Preventing the spread of weeds by seed or roots should be the first line of defense in developing a weed management program. There are many potential weed threats to lands, and land managers need to be aware of the threat, identify unknown species, and implement effective controls immediately. Quarantines and embargoes can be effective in isolating and preventing the spread of weeds into new areas. Weed-free hay programs and certification programs for crops are designed to stop movement of new species into areas where they are not currently found. A program of this type is especially well suited for protection of wilderness areas where other control methods may be difficult to initiate if weeds become established.

The Montana Weed Control Association offers monetary rewards for those individuals who locate and identify category III weeds. The location and identity of the species must be confirmed by authorized personnel from either a local county weed coordinator or an MSU extension agent.


Knowledge is power and weed identification and early detection of new invader species are important tools in integrated weed management practices. Publications and computer programs are available that give excellent information and color plates of important weed species in the West through various organizations and agencies including your county weed board, your local weed management groups, MSU Extension, MDA, and the Montana Weed Control Association. Educational efforts targeting the general public emphasize what weeds are of concern and why they are a threat. These programs have included development of brochures which show hunters what spotted knapweed looks like in the fall, so they can report new infestations; a Ned and Nellie knapweed coloring book highlighting the damage that knapweed can do; bumper stickers, radio announcements, and tours of areas with serious weed problems which all emphasize the impact noxious weeds have on the land.