Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Biological Weed Control

Biological weed control is the deliberate release of specialized natural enemies from the weed’s native range to reduce the weeds abundance or spread in its introduced range.  Since the state listed noxious weeds in Montana are exotic species, they have few established natural predators.  Biocontrol methods generally suppress host weed populations, but will most often not eradicate them.  Therefore, integrating other weed management methods with biocontrol is critical.  Typically, biocontrol is most effective on dense weed infestations that cover large areas.  These insects are not adaptable to all sites; therefore evaluation must be used to find where they will be most effective.  Contact your local weed coordinator or extension agent for help with this type of management.  There are designated biocontrol area representatives for Montana that may be able to help you and they are as follows:

Area Affiliation Name Email
Southwest Madison Valley Ranchland Group Melissa Griffiths
West Missoula County Bryce Christiaens
Triangle Hill County Terry Turner
Triangle Pondera County Pam Converse
Central Fergus County Brady Cannon
Southcentral Sweet Grass County Evelyn Halverson
Southeast Powder River County Jennifer Olson
Northeast Roosevelt County Clay Petersen
State MT Biocontrol Coordinator Melissa Maggio-Kassner

For more information on biocontrol please contact Melissa Maggio-Kassner at

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