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USDA APHIS Plant Protection & Quarantine Aid/Technician Position

Thursday, January 26th, 2017



Plant Protection & Quarantine Aid/Technician
Position Information  
(More than one position may be filled.)    


Plant Protection and Quarantine
Billings or Helena, Montana         


OPENING DATE: immediately                                      

CLOSING DATE: Until Filled/ASAP             

Ryan Richter
1220 Cole Ave.
Helena MT 59601
(406) 449-5210
Fax: (406) 449-5212

The MWCA NEEDS YOU: Board of Directors Nominations OPEN | Deadline 11/21/2016

Friday, November 11th, 2016


We need interested, passionate, think-outside-the-box board members!

MWCA Board of Directors has the following positions up for election:

  • Vice President
  • Education Committee Chair
  • Agriculture Representative
  • Member-at-Large
  • Triangle Area Representative
  • South Central Area Representative
  • South West Area Representative
  • Western Area Representative

MWCA Board Nomination Form. If you are interested you can contact Becky for more information about any position. MWCA Board Nomination Form. MWCA Board Nomination deadline is November 21.

2016 MWCA Proposed Bylaws Changes – Member Voting Coming Soon

Monday, November 7th, 2016


  • Article IV, Part (c) to read as follows: Election of the Board of Directors, passage of public policy statements and legislative resolutions and/or bylaw changes shall take place by electronic and or mailed ballot to all voting members in good standing. The MWCA staff shall email and or mail ballots to all members in good standing no later than December 1. All returned ballots must be postmarked by December 21 to be counted in the election results. Election shall be by simple majority of those voting. Should a simple majority not be received by any candidate for an office, that office shall be elected by a runoff vote between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes.


  • Article V, Section 5.01, Parts (b) and (c) to read as follows: (b) Special meetings of the members of the Association may be called by President or upon petition in writing requesting the same by one-fourth of the members, or upon order of the Board of Directors, and ten (10) five (5) business days’ notice of the time and place of said meeting shall be given to each member by the Executive Director , by mail. (c) The Executive Director will give all members in good standing ten (10) five (5) business days’ notice , by mail, email, or website of the time and place of all meetings scheduled by the Board of Directors.


  • Article VI, Section 5.01, Part (a) to read as follows: (a) The Fifty percent (50%) of the voting members of the Board of Directors present shall constitute a quorum at all board meetings. Each board member shall have one vote.


  • Article VI, Section 6.06, Parts (a) and (b) to read as follows: (a) The Board of Directors shall have a minimum of three (3) meetings each calendar year. The Executive Director shall notify each director of the time and place of each meeting by mail or email a minimum of ten (10) five (5) business days prior to each meeting. (b) Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or Vice President, upon ten (10) five (5) days’ notice by mail to each director.


  • Article VI, Section 6.09 to read as follows: Liaison Advisory Representatives. The Board of Directors may invite representatives of any local, state, or federal agencies, or other related organizations that may be beneficial to participate in board activities as liaisons advisors for their agencies/organizations and mandate that they be members of MWCA.


  • Strike Article VIII. Section 8.02, Parts (d), (e) and (f).
    (d) Coordinator Support Work Group. To encourage professionalism, and provide operational and educational direction for Montana Weed District Coordinators. The chair of the coordinator support committee shall receive nominations for the chair position the fall of the year their term is completed and all coordinators will vote by ballot by Sept 1 for that position. The state shall be divided into seven areas to coordinate weed management efforts. Area councils shall include Western, Southwestern, South Central, Southeastern, Northeastern, Central and Triangle. Area councils may choose to elect a chairperson for their area council other than their area representative who serves on the board of directors. Such council chairs shall be voted on by their respective councils annually. If the council chair is someone other than the area representative, this will not be a voting position on the board of directors.

    (e) Integrated Weed Management Work Group. Committee will encourage the development, research, and demonstration of sustainable, integrated weed management strategies. Chair of the committee will be an elected board position.

    (f) Education Work Group. Committee will encourage educational events, training, publications, and other activities to further the knowledge and expertise of MWCA members and the public. Chair of the committee will be an elected board position.

Russian Olive Workshop | September 12-13, 2016 | BBQ Supper to follow at 6 PM

Monday, July 25th, 2016


Celebrating 5 Years of Successful Russian Olive Removal and Restoration Research

Sponsored by: Northern Great Plains Section of SRM USDA-ARS, Miles City, MT Miles City Chamber of Commerce

Many areas on the Yellowstone River have converted to dense Russian olive stands, reducing their agricultural and ecological value. Controlling Russian olive is a multi-year commitment, with stump resprouting occurring up to two years post-removal and massive recruitment from seed after that. This event will provide an opportunity to learn about successful control and restoration.

Please RSVP by Sept. 7

For more info or to register, contact: Jennifer Muscha at 406-874-8223 or

Workshop Brochure

Registration Form

Afternoon Talks ~ 1:00-5:00 pm:

  • Cottonwood planting
  • Transplanting trees and shrubs
  • Russian olive removal with a tree shear
  • Missouri River Watershed Coalition
  • Conservation Innovation Grant
  • 5-year recovery post-removal
  • Peter Lesica ~ “History and Ecologyof Russian Olive in Montana
  • Sharlene Sing ~ “Russian Olive and Wildlife
  • Melissa Maggio ~ “Application of Biocontrol for Rangeland Weeds
  • Erin Espeland ~ “Russian Olive Removal and Restoration”


MWCA ECommittee June 22 2016 Minutes

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016


MWCA ECommittee June 22 2016 Minutes

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Monday, June 13th, 2016


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Leafy Spurge Data Collection Day

Friday, June 3rd, 2016


leafy spurgeJoin us for a day of data collection and discussion of 10+ years of researching integrated leafy spurge management on the Sapphire Ranch.

Tuesday, June 28
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sack Lunch Provided

RSVP to Bryce Christiaens at or 258.4217

Started in 2002, the overall objectives of the study site were to establish a demonstration of integrated management of leafy spurge, and to specifically use revegetation and herbicides to improve forage production.  Six grass seeding treatments and 3 herbicide treatments were tested.
Results of the study were published 2006 in a NRCS Technical Note. Join us for a day of data collection and the unique opportunity to return to a study site to determine the long term establishment of these forage grasses 10 years after the original study was completed.
Meet at the Intersection of Hwy 93 & Maclay Rd between Lolo and Florence

MWCA Professional Training at its Best…

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016



Dave Brink, Weed Coordinator, Mineral County Weed District leads the, “Weed Information and Identification” session today at the WAC training in Ronan.

Have you signed up for your area crew training yet? Register now at

Ravalli County Weed District is Serious about Noxious Weeds…

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016



Ravalli Weed Control District – We’re serious about noxious weeds. In fact, you may say, “We’re wrapped up in the fight.” See our new weed wrap on a road near you! Know more:

MWCA Fall and Rush Skeleton Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015


To view the minutes from this meeting, please CLICK HERE.