Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Noxious Weed Trust Fund

Montana State University: Report for the Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund Advisory Council

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014


This report for the Montana Noxious Weed Management Advisory Council was assembled in compliance with the Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund Act and Administrative Rules which require an annual report from the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station and Montana State University Extension Service on current projects and future plans. This report is a compilation of major weed science research and education activities conducted by MSU over the past three years and includes highlights of funded Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund grants as well as comprehensive reporting of all weed science research products and education funding and activities.

Download and read the complete report: Montana State University: Montana Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service REPORT FOR THE MONTANA NOXIOUS WEED TRUST FUND ADVISORY COUNCIL

MDA Announces Important Dates for the Noxious Weed Trust Fund

Friday, July 11th, 2014


October 1, 2014 Status Report Due for FY 2014 Special $7,500 County/Reservation Grants

November 1, 2014 Applications due for FY 2015 Emergency Weed Grants

November 3, 2014 Applications Due for FY 2015 Special $7,500 County/Reservation Grants

November 30, 2014 Status Reports Due for NWTF Grants

December 1, 2014 Applications Due for FY 2015 NWTF Grants

March 2-6, 2015 Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grant Hearings Wingate Hotel, Helena

March 2015 Distribution of FY 2015 Special $7,500 County/Reservation Grant Awards

April 15, 2015 Status Reports Due for NWTF Grants

WebGrants address:

Dave Burch 444-3140
Carol Bearden 444-7880
Kim Antonick 444-7819

Montana Department of Agriculture recruiting for open positions on the Noxious Weed Management Advisory Council.

Thursday, April 17th, 2014


April 16, 2014

To:  All Interested Parties

From:  Director Ron de Yong

Re:  Montana Department of Agriculture Boards

The Montana Department of Agriculture administers several boards that are appointed by the Department Director to advise programs and assist on policy issues.  The Department is currently recruiting for open positions on the Noxious Weed Management Advisory Council.

Members of the Council provide guidance to the Noxious Weed Trust Fund grant program,  which assists counties, local communities, tribes, researchers and educators in efforts to combat noxious weed problems in Montana.  Council members dedicate

many hours to reviewing Noxious Weed Trust Fund grant applications and attending the five day grant hearings held annually in March.  At the conclusion of the hearings, funding recommendations are made by the Council and presented to the Director for approval.  The Council also meets for one day in January and June of each year.

The following council terms expire June 30, 2014:

  • Recreationist/Wildlife Representative
  • Consumer Group Representative
  • Montana Weed Control Association Representative
  • Eastern County Weed District Representative
  • At-Large Representative

If you are interested in serving on the Noxious Weed Management Advisory Council, or would like to nominate a Montanan to serve on the Council, please submit a letter of interest to or Montana Department of Agriculture, PO Box 200201, Helena, MT 59620. In your letter indicate the council position you are interested in filling, and describe the qualifications and expertise that you or your nominee will bring to the Council.           If you are making a nomination, please be sure that your nominee is

interested in serving on the Council.  Nominations may be made by members of the group that will be represented and should be submitted by May 1, 2014.  For additional information please contact Dave Burch at or 444-3140.

NWTF Grant Application Information and Agenda

Thursday, February 20th, 2014


Please download the  agenda for NWTF hearings. for the March grant hearings.  The hearings will be held at the State Capitol Building in room 317, you should find adequate parking on the south side of the Capitol.  Please try to arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled time in case we are ahead of schedule, also be aware that you are also responsible for passing along the agenda time, date, and location of the grant hearings to any additional people that will be presenting for your project(s) at the grant hearings.

Send your Power Point Presentations to no later than February 14th .  Project presentations need to be less than 7mb in size and need to focus on why the project is important or needed and what is the purpose and desired outcome of the project.  Try to keep your presentation to 10 minutes so you allow 5 minutes for questions from the Council.

If you have any questions, comments or have trouble sending in your Power Point please contact me.



Dave Burch
Montana Department of Agriculture
Program Manager/Grant Coordinator
303 North Roberts, PO Box 200201
Helena MT 59620

Noxious Weed Trust Fund

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013


Montana is the only state in the nation to offer grants through a noxious weed trust fund administered by the Department of Agriculture. The fund was established in 1985 with a $2.5 million cap. The interest from the trust in addition to vehicle license fees is what generates grant funding. At the 2007 legislature, HB 269 increased the Trust and capped it at $10 million. The estimated interest from this fund in 2013 is $499,000.   This funding issued for on-the-ground local cooperative, educational, and research projects. Grant deadlines are the first of December, with hearings held in March of the following year. For more information, refer to the Montana Department of Ag website.

Noxious Weed Trust Fund Hearing Schedule

Thursday, March 7th, 2013


If you would like to know the schedule for the current session of the Noxious Weed Trust fund hearings we have provided a PDF copy for you to download.  2013 Noxious Weed Trust Fund Hearing Schedule

Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grant Funding Opportunities for Fiscal Year 2013

Monday, September 10th, 2012


The funding opportunities for fiscal year 2013 are posted on the WebGrants website at Applicants must contact and work with an organization, such as a weed  district, conservation district, extension office, or tribe to determine if they will be the funding recipient for the grant dollars and submit the application.

Please let anyone know about this grant program who is interested in noxious weeds and developing a local cooperative, education, or research project. Remember that all grant applications must be submitted by midnight on December 3,2012.

The changes for the 2013 Trust Fund grant cycle are:

  • Grant applications are only accepted by using WebGrants.
  • Attachments (photos, supporting documents, environmental assessment information) must be web friendly for uploading and download. Remember to re-size pictures and to try to make all attachments less than 1 MB in size.
  • Do not wait until the day before the deadline to start working in WebGrants. Please plan accordingly to allow enough time for any problems you may have getting familiar with our web based grant management system.
  • ALL local cooperative projects need to attach a picture of the noxious weed situation that helps depicts the reason why funding is needed for the new project or why the current Trust Fund project needs continued funding.
  • Start early on the environmental assessment process so you have all the necessary documentation to attach to the application by December 3rd.

If you have any questions using WebGrants or would like help in developing a weed project, please feel free to call Dave Burch, State Weed Coordinator at 444-3140 or Kim Johnson,  Grants Coordi nator at 444-1517. You can also contact Carol Bearden at 444-7880 for help with WebGrants and completing the application process.

MT Noxious Weed Trust Fund Act and Administrative Rules

Thursday, October 30th, 2003


Administrative rules of Montana  regarding noxious weed seed free forage rules from the Montana Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Sciences Division.

Noxious Weed Management Funding Act, Title 80, Chapter 7 Part 8 – October 2007


80-7-801 Definitions
80-7-802 Rules
80-7-803 reseved
80-7-804 reserved
80-7-805 Noxious Weed Management Advisory Account
80-7-806 reserved
80-7-807 reserved
80-7-808  reserved
80-7-809 reserved
80-7-810 repealed
80-7-811 Noxious Weed Management Trust Fund
80-7-8012 repealed
80-7-8013 Acceptance and Expenditure of Gifts and Other Funds
80-7-814 Administration and Expenditure of Funds
80-7-815 Noxious Weed Emergency – Expenditure Authorized
80-7-816 Account – Deposit – Investment
80-7-817 through 807-820 reserved
80-7-821 repealed
80-7-822 terminated
80-7-823 Transfer of funds