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MSU October Weed Post – Weed ID

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013


Plant Identification—To Know You Is To Love You
The ability to identify a plant is important for several reasons. From a vegetation management perspective, it is important to know a plant’s identity so you can determine if it is a weed and the level of risk it poses to desired vegetation. Identification is especially important for early detection of new weeds that have never been documented in an area before and can be targeted for eradication. Plant identification is also important to determine if a plant is toxic, especially for people who raise livestock or harvest edible plants from the wild. Knowing what plant you or your animals are about to eat can become a matter of life or death. Finally, being able to identify a plant is just plain fun and a great way to impress your friends and family. Most people that spend a lot of time dealing with plants, including weedy plants, find that plant identification becomes something they grow to love and take great pride in being able to do.

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