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Are there grants available to help treat noxious weeds?

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


There are several sources available to treat noxious weeds, but rarely to one landowner. If a weed management area is formed with several landowners, the chance of receiving grant funds increases. The MT Department of Ag’s Noxious Weed Trust Fund is one avenue to pursue grants, the deadline is usually the first of December and forms can be found online. On a larger scale, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation offers grants, and Department of Natural Resource Conservation and local conservation districts also offer grant funds. You can check with your local conservation district office to inquire about possible funding. Currently NRCS is also providing grant funding through special initiative funds called EQUIP. Several other Montana organizations offer grants including PPL and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.   Again, when a cooperative weed management area (CWMA) is formed and organized well, there are several avenues of funding available. Please check out our grant opportunity postings on the MWCA Classified  Web Page where we put all opportunities that we become aware of.