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What it would take to be a certified noxious weed sprayer in MT?

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013


There is no single answer to your question since it is dependent on a number of different factors. First, determine the type of license(s) that you’ll need: Commercial, Governmental, Public Utility, Non-Commercial, Dealer and/or Private. Next, determine the type of site(s) where the pesticides will be used: Agricultural Plants, Forest, Turf Grass, Right of Ways or Rangeland, etc. There is a lot of information available on our website, just type in into your browser to be redirected to the Department of Agriculture’s pesticide program pages.

I would like to become a commercial applicator, how do I go about getting certified?

Friday, October 23rd, 2009


You need to contact the Montana Department of Agriculture at 406 – 444 – 2944 or visit their web page devoted to commercial applicators for additional information. There are training manuals you need to purchase and study and then take the commercial applicator test. There are financial and insurance requirements that need to be met. Please inquire about these requirements when contacting the Department.