Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Invasive Weed Management Services

This page include our business level members who provide invasive weed management services. These services include commercial applicators, targeted grazing providers, insect providers, consultants for land management, re-vegetation providers, equipment washing, and retailers of equipment, herbicides, and seeds that can assist you in your fight against weeds.

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MWCA Legacy Level Members

Wright Company

wright company

141 North 1st
Box 9
Roberts, MT 59070
office: (406) 445-2271

Luke Wright
cell: (406) 425-1831

Lyle Wright
cell: (406) 425-1825

Family Owned & Operated Since 1988

Services & Solutions

  • Terrestrial Weed Control – Rangeground, Forest, Subdivisions, Bareground, Pipeline & Infrastructure, ROW, Horsepack Spraying and everything in between!
  • Aquatic Weed Control – Ponds, Canals & Cattail Control
  • Property Restoration Solutions – Russian Olive Removal, Sagebrush Cutting, Seeding, Brush Clearing, Junk Cleanup & Haul Away

Equipment: Unimog 4×4 Truck/Tractor (60′ full hydraulic booms, GPS Guidance 800 gallon tank), 8×8 Argo Centaur’s (38′ coverage, GPS Guidance, 450′ of handline, 150 gallon tank, low ground pressure), Truck Units with 650′ handline, ATV’s with trailers (30′ coverage, 400′ of hand line, 100 gallon tanks), Horsepack sprayers (1 acre per load), Bobcat S770 Skidsteer, Bobcat 341 Excavator, Tractor, Boat, Amphibious UTV

Areas:  Montana, Wyoming, Idaho & North & South Dakota

MWCA Premier Business Level Members

Prescriptive Livestock Services

Prescriptive Livestock Services

Ray Holes
1049 South Highland Drive
Kennewick, WA 99337
(208) 740-9264

Services:  As the nations premier targeted grazing specialists, PLS has assisted land managers in Montana and five other western states, to plan, implement and manage successful targeted grazing projects. No job too large, no client too small, whether your interested in incorporating targeted grazing solely, or in conjunction with a chemical, mechanical and/or other biological controls program, PLS can provide the livestock, labor, management and knowhow needed from project conception to successful completion.  Consultation and presentation services are also available.

Equipment:  PLS maintains the largest and most experienced herd of weed and brush grazing goats in North America; over 8,500 head.  Experienced employees, fencing and all other necessary equipment.

Areas:  Servicing all of Montana.  PLS annually services CA, ID, NV, OR, WA and welcomes opportunities in additional states.

Weedbuster BioControl

Weedbusters Biocontrol

Kandace Rich
5607 Hillview Way
Missoula, MT 59803

Phone: (406) 251-4261

Services: Bio-control

Areas: Statewide

Red Rooster Ranch Spraying

Red Rooster Ranch Spraying

Daniel J. Yates
PO Box 33
Roscoe, MT 59071

(406) 425-1510
(406) 446-1510

Services: spraying, seeding, fertilizing, consulting, GPS mapping

Equipment: ATV,  backpack, boom truck, UTV, side-by-side, road trucks, jet trucks, yard trucks. All units have GPS mapping and guidance.

Areas: All of Montana,  Carbon, Stillwater, & Yellowstone  Counties

Monture Creek Land Management, Inc.

Dylan Brown
PO Box 1516
Seeley Lake, MT 59868
(406) 531-6805
(406) 244-6805

Services: Range and Pasture, Roadside Right of Way, Riparian, Bare Ground Industrial, GIS Mapping, Pine Beetle Control, Forest Pest Control, Timber Managment

Equipment: 6×6 UTV, ATV, Small Pickup, Roadside Injection Truck, Tree Sprayers, Backpacks, Garmin GPS Units, Trimble and Panasonic Toughpad with ArcPad, Acrview Software.

Areas: All of Montana, Idaho

Marks Miller Post and Pole

Gary D. Marks
PO Box 125
Clancy, MT 59634

Integrated Weed Service, LLC

Integrated Weed Services

PO Box 545
Forsyth, MT 59327

Marty Mendenhall  (406) 351-1147
Robert Engle (406) 351-1127
Criag Knoche (406)351-1137
Fax: (877) 346-9411

Services: Providing ATV, backpack, truck, boat, & GPS mapping

Areas: statewide and Wyoming

Integrated Ag Services, Inc.

Integrated Ag Services Inc

Steve Tyrrel
141 Homestead Road
Lavina, MT 59046
(406) 855 – 7600

Services: Range and Pasture, Riparian, Right-of-Way and Bare Ground applications. Seeding, Re-vegetation, and Russian Olive Management.

Equipment: Right-of-way Spray Trucks, ATV’s, Tractor with seed drill, Seed Broadcasters and Skid Steer with cutter and stump applicator.

Areas: Serving Montana and Northern Wyoming.

Highland Spray Service, LLC

Highland Spray Service

Dale Strouf
3036 Hanover Road
Lewistown, MT 59457

(406) 538-2115
(406) 366-1497

Services: Herbicide application to crops, rangeland, pastures and right of ways.

Equipment: Backpacks, ATV (Boomless and Boomed), 45′ UTV system, 60′ Pickup mounted boom, 200 gallon by 300′ hose skit unit.

Areas: Central Montana

Dickens Weed Control

Dickens Weed Control

Sean M. Dickens
PO Box 344
Dillon, MT 59725

Alt Phone: (940) 367-3564

Services: Weed Spraying

Equipment: ATV – 6×6 with boom spray and 2 handguns on 50′ retractable Reels, backpack rig

 All of Montana

Biological Control of Weeds, Inc.

Noah & Leona Poritz
1418 Maple Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: (406) 586-5111

Services: The nation’s leading supplier of USDA-approved weed Feeding insects.

Areas: All of Montana, the Northwest, Rockies and Great Plains.

AV8-ORR Helicopter Services, LLC

AV8 Orr Helicopters

Andy Orr
PO Box 1442
Hamilton, MT 59840

Cell: (406) 360-0207
Alt: (406) 375-7509


Equipment: Helicopters

Alligare, LLC

Tony Marlow
72323 E 266 PRNE
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 378-0752

Services: wholesale direct vegetation management herbicides pasture & range, bare ground, Aquatic

Areas: common carrier delivery in 3 to 5 business days.

MWCA Regular Business Level Members

4J Spraying Services, LLC

Jason Larson
264 Starglow
Florence, MT 59833
(406) 552-9496

Services: Spraying, Fertilizing, seeding, mechanical control.

Equipment: ATV, bacckpack, lawn care skid

Areas: Gallatin, Park, Sweet Grass, Broadwater, Yellowstone, Carbon and Meagher counties. Other areas depending on project size

Ag West Distributing Co., Inc.

Marlin Graff
4212 North Star Blvd #4
Great Falls, MT 59405

AgTerra Technologies, Inc.

Jason Hodges
PO Box 5083
Sheridan, WY 82801-1383

All-American Weed Service, LLC

Glenn Colclough
294 Evening Star Lane
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 570-2133

Services: Herbicide spraying and field mowing services for: Small Acreages, Pastures, Subdivisions, Easements, Right-of-Ways, Gravel, Industrial Sites, and More. Let’s discuss your project, please call.

Equipment: Atlas UTV-100 gallons’ tank, ATV’s, boom, boomless, reel & handgun line; backpack sprayers; water tank, 5′ x 9′ field mower; DR brush mower.

Areas: Gallatin, Madison and Park counties.


Basic Biological Services, LLC

John Whittingham
98 Sunset Lane
Dillon, MT 59725
(406) 683-4198

Services: Chemical, mechanical, biological vegetation control. Land rehabilitation, habitat improvement; AgP-P, ROW, Forest Aquatic licenses. Plans, permits, training, investigations.

Equipment: 4WD trucks, ATVs, cycles, boats, backpacks for spraying. Excavator, track-loader, brush-cutters, seedbed prep and seedings/mulching equipment. GPS and GIS

Areas: Licensed, certified, bonded, insured in Montana and Idaho since 2000.

CHS, Inc.

Linda Anderson
150 1st Ave WN
Kalispell, MT 59925
406.755.7406 – fax

Commercial Yard Service

Todd Schrock
309 3rd Ave NE
PO Box 5926
Harlowton, MT 59036

Edgewood, Inc.

Keith Edge
604 Edgewood Lane
Deer Lodge, MT 59722

Services: weed spraying

Full Armor, LLC

Steve McGee
21 Queen Court
Butte, MT

JHS, Inc.

John Semple

PO Box 4667
3305 Airport Rd
Helena, MT 59602

Mission Mountain Helicopters Aerial Applicators, LLC

Ken Weinheimer
PO Box 17410
Missoula, MT  59808

Moose River, LLC

Brent Orr & Kelley Brown
669 Northwood Avenue
Libby, MT 59923

Office: 293-2898

Mountain West Co-op / Professional Pasture Services

Burr Anders
115 Main St.
Stevensville, MT 59870
(406) 777.5441 ext 5
cell: (406)370.8178

Services: fertilizing, herbicide application, no till seeding, brush and grass, weed cutting, specializing in small acreages.

Nitro-Green Great Falls

Josh Loelse
PO Box 3424
Great Falls, MT 59403

Pioneer Weed Control, Inc.

Larry Burton
104 Vienna
Butte, MT 59701

Butte: (406) 782-6665
Out of Area Toll Free: 1 (877) 782-6665
Residence: (406) 782-6663
Fax: (406) 723-5860

Services: Specializing in rangeland, right-of-way and industrial weed spraying, bare ground vegetation management, computerized mapping utilizing GPS and ArcView, and retail herbicide sales.

Equipment: Ground application with eight 4X4 trucks with water capacities of 200-400 gallons; two ATV’s, one computer controlled roadside truck with 1,500 gallon water capacity and traffic control equipment.

Areas: Serving Southwest and Western Montana since 1985.

Road & Range Spraying

Pete Brown
Box 88
306 South 2nd St
Lima, MT 59739

Rocky Mountain Super Vac, Inc.

Jim Weddle
B73 Morning Glory Lane
Kalispell, MT 59901
406 257-4636

Rubystone Resources

Ray Shaw
251 Bivens Creek Rd
Sheridan MT 59749
(406) 842-5039

Stu’s Chemical, LLC

Stuart & Ed Schilling
PO Box 232
1451 Hwy 89 North
Clyde Park, MT 59018
(406) 686-4117
(406) 220-3882 Stu’s cell

Services: Right of ways, rangeland, pastures, large/small acreage, fertilization and mowing.

Equipment: Boom trucks with GPS, broad jet trucks, boom and broad jet tractor, ATV’s, backpacks and 3,000 gallon nurse truck

Areas: Gallatin, Park, Sweet Grass, Broadwater, Yellowstone, Carbon and Meagher counties. Other areas depending on project size

Warne Chemical & Equipment

Timm Johannesen
2680 Commerce Road
Rapid City, SD 57702

Services: Manufacture of custom spraying equipment, parts for spraying equipment, safety supplies.

Areas: All of  Montana

West River Land Management, LLC

Nigel Davis
5075 McHugh Ln
Helena, MT 59602
(406) 437-1709
(406) 449-4546

Services: no-till drill seeding; range & pasture, road rights of way, industrial sites, oil field developments, river & lake corridoors, native grass pasture renovation, animal food plots.

Equipment: Fleet of 6×6 UTV’s, trucks, specialized raft & boat equipment, nurse trucks & tanks, Great Plain no-till drill seeder, John Deere 4×4 tractors, GPS/GIS mapping.

Areas: All of Montana

Young’s Tree and Forestry

Tammy Young
318 No 3rd Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 587-2991
(406) 570-8905

Services: small acreage, noxious invasive weed control, rough acreage, riparian areas, righs of way, and lawn fertilization and weed control

Equipment: backpack, UTV 6 wheel with boom sprayer or boomless

Areas: Gallatin county.