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Noxious Weed Managment Certification Program

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

The Noxious Weed Management Certification program is a series of workshops about weed biology, ecology, and management. It is designed to benefit those new to weed management and experienced professionals. Participants have included, but are not limited to, county, state, and federal agency personnel, non-governmental organizations, and commercial applicators who are interested in current advances in noxious weed management. Participants are required to move through the levels sequentially.

Level 1 in the series was first offered in April and October 2012 and will be offered again in early October 2013. Topics range from very basic plant biology and ecology to applying weed management tools and social aspects of weed management.

Level 2 in the series was first offered in April 2013 and will be offered again in April 2014. Topics from Level 1 are expanded upon in the classroom and in the field.

Level 3 in the series is still under development.

Faculty and staff from various departments and Extension at Montana State University are developing and hosting these workshops. The program was launched with help from a grant from the Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund.

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