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Committees, Area Councils & Work Groups

MWCA Central Area Meeting Minutes 01-13-2015

Friday, March 6th, 2015


The minutes from the Montana Weed Control Association Central Area Meeting, held January 13, 2015.

MWCA Central Area Meeting January 13 2015

2015 Montana Legislative Session

Thursday, July 10th, 2014



Legislative Resolutions:

Legislative Resolutions will be very specific resolutions that are geared towards specific legislative action. For instance, if we want changes made to a specific area of Montana Code, those resolutions will address the issue specifically.

Additionally, these resolutions will help guide our lobbying efforts in relation to specific legislation, for instance, if there is a divide among the membership on a specific issue, these resolutions will be specific enough to provide a CLEAR POSITION as to the path the organization should take in its lobbying efforts. For example, if a resolution is proposed in favor of one legislative action, the board will provide the opposing resolution so that, when a vote is made, a clearer determination may be concluded from the resulting vote.

Policy Statements:

Policy statements are, like the resolutions that we operated under in the 2013 legislative session, very general and broad in nature and advocate for our support or opposition of general efforts. These act more as guidelines for the organization to help determine the action that should be taken regarding legislation that changes suddenly, involves the association in an indirect manner, or that the association is being encouraged to get involved in by other outside organizations.

Things happen fast during the legislative session, and the policy resolutions provide guidelines for on-the-spot decision-making that needs to happen in order to keep up with the pace of the session.

Download the complete document on legislation along with templates you may use.

IWM Committee News & Minutes

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


The most current documents appear at the top.

2008 Minutes

Become Invovled – Serve on a Committee or Work Group

Friday, January 20th, 2012


As a member of MWCA we hope you will become involved in one of the many committees and work groups that we have. We depend on our members to help guide us and get things done. Some of the committees and work groups only meet once or twice a year and others have a busier schedule. Montana is a large state and travel can be an issue, but MWCA uses tools like email, conference calls, webinars and combining meetings with other functions to help lessen the impact.

The following are descriptions of the current committees and work groups. If you have questions or would like to serve on a committee please email Becky at

Standing Committees

MWCA Education Committee – Objective: To encourage educational events, training, publications, and other activities to further the knowledge and expertise of MWCA members and the public.

Coordinator Support Committee – Objective: To encourage professionalism, and provide operational and educational direction for Weed District Coordinators.

Integrated Weed Management Committee – Objective: To encourage the development, research, and demonstration of sustainable, integrated weed management strategies.

Nominations and Board Development Committee (Governance)- Objective: To actively solicit qualified, engaged and enthusiastic individuals to serve on the board as well as to provide quality professional training for board members as opportunities arise.

Work Groups

Public Policy Resolution Work GroupObjective: To help the MWCA create a system of resolutions and public policy and work on creating resolutions as the need arises.

Annual Conference Planning Work Group – Objective: To plan for and help prepare for the MWCA Annual Conference

Awards Ceremony Sub Work Group – Objective: To work on refining and implementing the nomination and voting process for MWCA awards.

Award Voting Work Group – Members of this group will vote on MWCA awards.

Scholarship Review Work Group – Objective: To establish scholarship criteria and to evaluate and help determine who receives MWCA Scholarships each year.

Private Landowner Involvement Work Group – Objective: To develop ideas to bring more landowners into the MWCA and weed management efforts.

Fundraising Work Group – Objective: To help find ways to create funds for the Association (sponsorships, raffles, monthly giving, etc.) and help implement fundraising plans.

What’s Your 5? Work Group – Objective: To help direct and help implement ideas for the What’s Your 5? educational campaign

Southwestern Area Newsletter

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


The Southwestern area has just published their latest newsletter and it is ready for download.   Download your copy today.

New Awards Nomination Process

Monday, May 3rd, 2010


The awards committee has developed a new nomination process. This year all nomination letters will be sent to the MWCA office by November 1, 2010. The MWCA office will compile packets to be sent to the awards nominations work group to vote on the nominees. This work group will be comprised of the annual conference planning committee, the awards sub work group, the area representatives and any other member of the MWCA who wishes to be a part of the process. The work group will have two weeks to review their packets and submit their ballots back to the MWCA office for a final tally. The MWCA office and the awards chair person will secure awards for the nominees who receive the most votes.  The awards will then be given at the annual conference.

If you wish to join this work group and participate in the nomination process, please contact Becky. Please don’t forget that we have nine awards categories and we hope as you work through this weed season, that you nominate those great weed warriors out there.

Download a copy of the awards criteria.

Biocontrol Work Group Minutes

Thursday, April 30th, 2009