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MWCA 2017 Calendar | Fall Scenic Photo Gallery

Here is the fall 12 photo gallery. Please vote for your favorite three photos to be included in the MWCA 2017 calendar.


  1. Hover on each thumbnail to view photo number, description, and the ‘vote first’ online voting system (you may vote here or in the full screen display). Click to initiate the full screen display and available slide show.
  2. To vote, click on ‘Vote first…”, then click on the stars. A 1-5 star rating is available, however, any star rating is considered a vote.
  3. Vote for your favorite three photos in the fall gallery (September/October/November). Please keep in mind your three votes should reflect one photo selection for each month of the season.

Please visit each season gallery to complete your calendar ballot. Thank you for your participation.

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