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MSU Montguide: Orange Hawkweed and Meadow Hawkweed Complex

Monday, March 1st, 2010

MontGuides are self-learning resource from Montana State University Extension.

“The hawkweeds are a very large genus of plants with approximately 25 species in North America. Hawkweeds are members of the sunflower  family and are closely related to dandelion, chicory, prickly lettuce and sowthistle. Like some of their relatives, hawkweeds can rapidly colonize and dominate forest meadows, pastures and roadsides. In addition to reproducing by seeds, hawkweeds are capable of spreading by rhizomes, stolons and adventitious root buds. These methods of vegetative reproduction and a tolerance for sites with low productivity are probably responsible for the ability of these plants to quickly establish and dominate new areas. ”

Download the MontGuide including information on the origin, identification, impacts and information on management of the hawkweed.

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