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MSU April Weed Post – Grass Identification

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Here is an excerpt:

Grasses are a ubiquitous feature of the western landscape.  In fact, over two thirds of Montana is dominated by grasses, and over 236 grass species have been documented in Montana.   World-wide there are about 10,000 grass species. Differentiating one species of grass from another is difficult because they tend to all look very similar.  However, grass identification is critical for assessing when and where certain weed management tools should be applied. For example, some grass species are more susceptible to broad-leaf herbicide injury than others.  Accurate identification of the grasses on a site is essential to help select an herbicide that will be most effective on the weed while being least harmful to remnant, desirable grasses.

Download and read the complete weed post: April 2014 MSU Weed Post – Grass Identification

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