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Hoary alyssum–A weed to watch for on your property

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Dr. Jane Mangold, MSU Assistant Professor and Extension Invasive Plant Specialist, just published an article about a weed to keep an eye out for during the late summer.    The following is an excerpt from her article:

Have you noticed a small, white-flowered mustard growing prolifically in your neighborhood? It could be the noxious weed hoary alyssum (Berteroa incana). Hoary alyssum was added to the state noxious weed list in 2008, and may not be as familiar as other notables like spotted knapweed, Canada thistle or leafy spurge.

However, if you live in southwestern Montana, where this weed is most prevalent, you’ve probably seen it along a bike trail or road, in a waste area or pasture, or even in your yard. It flowers from spring through late fall, and is currently very noticeable as other vegetation begins to die back for the season.

Read the complete MSU news article here.

Visit the MWCA Weed ID pages for additional information and pictures of Hoary alyssum.

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