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Executive Director Update | June 2016

Monday, June 27th, 2016

bex golfExecutive Director Update June 24, 2016

I can’t believe July is nearly here! Where does the time go?! I just wanted to provide an update on the activities of your staff these past few months.

Finances A great deal of my time has been spent on getting the books right for year end, getting transferred amounts correct, area council reports right and drafting a restricted and unrestricted budget. It took a while to get the Ecommittee together to make some pay and bonus decisions on our part time staff position, but attached you will find a draft budget the Executive Committee and staff are comfortable with. I am working with a QuickBooks expert to get our books cleaned up and put together a budget in July that combines both accounts for easier work. As you will see by our bottom line in the unrestricted budget, we exceeded our budgeted expectations this fiscal year thanks to some large sponsorships (Dow, Bayer), the golf fundraiser and the Field Guide sales.

Activities/Admin Since our March meeting, the two spring trainings went fairly well with a lower turnout for the western training than we had hoped for. The Miles City training remained strong thanks to the coordinators who push their local agency folks to attend. I attended the Governor’s Invasive Summit and had a table set up there. We’ve had several webinars for the annual conference planning and the golf fundraiser and we are well on our way with both of them. I attended WAC Crew Training in Polson, where again, the numbers were very strong. I attended a seminar in Missoula in May on how to manage stress and it was a good one- now if I can just apply some of what I learned! I moved out of one storage unit and we are currently at one unit, but it is stuffed full and I am doubtful I can get all of the calendars in it, but we’ll see. I still need to organize the trailer and the storage unit to see if I can make room. This week we met with MDA, Ron deYong, Greg Ames and Dave Burch who wanted to meet Kaaren. Following that meeting, we held our executive committee meeting in Bozeman. Once budgeting is done, I need to get year-end duties completed, get the calendar and the summer Weed Times completed, and get cracking on the golf fundraiser. Again, I’d like to thank Trent Brusseau for not only getting me the check for the 2017 AC Sponsorship, but for agreeing to sponsor the carts for the golf fundraiser. Dow is such a great supporter of MWCA.

New Staff Kaaren Robbins has been on board for about two and a half months and she is working out fabulously. She enjoys being able to work from home and says the job inspires her. She has definitely helped get the database back on track with a lot of training videos and her passion to understand the database. She could easily be putting in 40+ hours a week, but I have commanded her to keep it to 30. There is much, much to do with the database, getting membership caught up, touching base with those who have expired, and with updating the website. As I stated to the MDA folks, I didn’t believe we’d ever be able to fill Diana’s shoes, but after passing through 3 other temporary folks, I can now say we’ve found the one who I think will do an outstanding job for MWCA and take us to new heights. We are very fortunate to have her. Kaaren was able to attend the SC Crew Training in Billings and meet with her area folks and she told me she learned a lot and had a great time (she did get to listen to Gary Olsen’s weed ID talk after all! LOL) You will all be meeting Kaaren and seeing her face as much as mine because I feel she needs to be an integral part of MWCA and understand what we do. In addition, she will be taking over some accounting duties with QuickBooks in the reconciliation part. With all of this work load and with my recommendation, the ECommittee is recommending to have her work 30/week with a $1/hr pay increase (from $13- $14) upon her 6 month successful evaluation (Sept). They also have come up with the benchmarks for her to increase membership and get bonuses based on those benchmarks: Upon reaching 1,000 members, she will receive a $1000 bonus Upon reaching 1500 members, she will receive 20% of the income from the additional 500 members Upon reaching 2,000 members, she will receive 20% of the income from the additional 500 members…and so on. (However, if we reach 2,000 members, I’d recommend weight in gold J)

Other Speaking of bonuses, the ECommittee recommended a $2500 bonus for my efforts this past year and as an incentive. Kellieann brought up that in all of my time with MWCA, I have received no retirement benefits, so this was also a way of addressing that. I am so appreciative of the Ecommittee for their faith in the job I do and thank them so much for this recommendation. As of July of this year, I’ll have been with MWCA for 16 years; it sure is interesting to look back over the years and see all of the changes and progression the Association has been through.

Stay cool out there- it’s looking like a VERY hot summer we have ahead of us.


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