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A Range Ramble | An Range Health & Weed Tour | June 15-16, 2017

June 15 - June 16

Meeting Location:
Blackfeet Community College
South Wind Lodge
504 SE Boundary ST
Browning, MT 59417

Glacier Peaks Hotel
50 Museum Loop
Browning, MT

Join us for a Field Tour to learn about range health and integrated weed management. Two experts in soil health and biology, Dr. Ray Ward/Ward Labs and Marlon Winger, NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist will be present on June 15 to discuss soil health management on rangeland and hayland systems. Both will discuss how to measure and track soil quality. Rick Caquelin/NRCS Area Range Scientist will discuss range management to improve soil health. On June 16 the focus will be on weed management. Tribal representatives, local producers, State of MT and APHIS will talk about integrated weed management systems and monitoring.

A limited number of scholarships are available for producers. For more information or questions about this event, please call: Glacier County Conservation District (GCCD) or NRCS at (406) 873-4292 ext. 3 or (406) 845-2976 or Email:


Day 1 – June 15

8:30 AM Registration (Dawn Falcon) at the Blackfeet Community College
9:00 AM Introductions and Featured Speakers:
Introduction to the Five Principles of Soil Health, Marlon Winger, NRCS Soil Health Specialist, MT, WY, and ID
Soil Sampling: PLFA and Haney Tests– Nutrient Cycling and What these tests mean to a Producer?
Dr. Ray Ward, Ward Laboratories Inc.
Choosing a Grazing System that Works for Your Operation, Rick Caquelin – NRCS Area Range
A Holistic Approach to Soil Health, Lora Soderquist, Prescriptive Livestock Services, MSU Adjunct Professor
12:00 Sack Lunch Provided: Travel to Smith Ranch
Featured Speakers: Marlon Winger, Dr. Ray Ward, and Rick Caquelin
Grazing Systems
Monitoring Rangeland
Herd Health vs Soil Health (NUTBAL Discussion)
Rainfall Simulator, Eric Watson, NRCS District Conservationist
3:00 PM Load up and travel back to the Blackfeet Community College
3:30 PM Roundtable Discussions:
Blackfeet Tribal and Crown of the Continent Committee Steering Committee & Salish Kootenai
Confederated Tribes Water Management (All are welcome to attend)
5:00 Entertainment
Catered Dinner with Featured Speaker (Crown of the Continent)

Full day attendance is worth 36 pesticide recertification credits.

Day 2 – June 16
8:00 AM Registration (Dawn Falcon) and Open Discussion
8:30 AM Knapweed Project – Overview by Dillion DesRosier. Nature Conservancy
9:00 AM Equipment Calibration and Proper Application (and Field Demonstration) Rian Conway, Certified Weed Spray Contractor, Includes demonstration.
10:30 AM Biological Controls, Monitoring and Follow-up – Joe Merenz (APHIS)
10:45 AM Misconceptions of Biological Weed Control (Melissa Maggio, State of MT Weed Coordinator)
This presentation will cover the 5 main misconceptions of biocontrol using data and research to ex-plain each. By the end of this presentation attendees should have a better understanding of what real-istic results from biocontrol will look like, how and where biocontrol should be used, and how to incor-porate biocontrol with other weed management tools.
11:45 AM Spotted Knapweed and Leafy Spurge Biocontrol Systems (Melissa Maggio, State of MT Weed Coordi-nator)
This presentation will cover the biology of the weed species and also the biocontrol insects that are utilized in Montana to manage them. We will cover where to get insects, how and where to release them, how to monitor for them, how to manage them, and how to incorporate them in with other weed management tools.
12:15 Grab Sack Lunches Travel to Skate Park – Browning
1:00 PM Spotted Knapweed Field Portion (Melissa Maggio, State of MT Weed Coordinator)
We will look for insect in the field and collect monitoring data. Participants will get hands on experi-ence identifying signs that insects are present in spotted knapweed infestations. We will also get hands on experience monitoring for biocontrol populations and the weed infestations by collecting data for the Standardized Impact Monitoring Protocol (SIMP).
Stan Hutella (Liberty County Weed District) Mark Korte and Erin Banks (Rocky Mountain Weed Round Table)
Informal Producer Panel: Ted Hall, Gus Vaile, Coco Boggs, and Rocky Mountain Front Crown of the Continent Producers
3:00 Travel Back to the Blackfeet Community College
3:30 Wrap-up and closing – Blackfeet Invasive Species Steering Committee

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Blackfeet Tribe
Blackfeet Natural


June 15
June 16