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County Listed Noxious Weeds

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

We have compiled a list of the county listed noxious weeds.   This is available for download in a PDF document:  county listed weeds – updated January 2015

Here are the county listed weeds as of January 2015

Weed Counties that list it
Baby’s Breath Jefferson, Deer Lodge,  Blaine, Broadwater, Silver Bow, Chouteau, Daniels, Flathead,  Richland, Sheridan,
Bellflower Flathead
Black Henbane Deer Lodge, Beaverhead, Big Horn,   Broadwater,  Lewis & Clark, Meagher,  Powder River, Powell,  Ravalli, Stillwater,
Bugloss, Common Ravalli
Campion, bladder Meagher
Campion, White Flathead,
Chicory Lincoln
Common Burdock Big Horn,  Blaine,  Broadwater, Fallon,  Lewis & Clark, Lincoln, Pondera, Stillwater,
Common Crupina Lincoln,
Common Mullin Yellowstone, Deer Lodge, Beaverhead, Lewis & Clark, Mineral, Stillwater,
Common Teasel Yellowstone, Beaverhead,  Ravalli
Curly Dock Deer Lodge,
Dwarf Snapdragon Lincoln,
Field Scabious Jefferson, Beaverhead, Gallatin,  Madison, Ravalli,
Halogeton Beaverhead,
Kochia Deer Lodge, Flathead, Lincoln, Rosebud
Matrimony vine Silver Bow,
Mayweed/dogfennel Mineral,
Meadow Knapweed Gallatin,
Poison Hemlock Yellowstone, Big Horn, Chouteau, Fallon, Gallatin, Lincoln, Powder River, Rosebud,
Puncturevine Yellowstone, Powder River,  Rosebud,
Scentless Chamomile Beaverhead, Gallatin,  Lincoln, Mineral,
Scot’s Broom Lincoln,
Speedwell, Common Lincoln
Speedwell, Germander Lincoln
Spurge, Cyprus Beaverhead,
spurge, Myrtle Beaverhead,
Swainsonpea Beaverhead,
Thistle, Musk Teton, Deer Lodge,  Beaverhead, Broadwater, Gallatin, Lewis & Clark, Liberty,   Lincoln, Madison, Pondera,  Toole,
Thistle, perennial Sow Deer Lodge,  Broadwater, Liberty, Pondera,
Thistle, Plumeless Lincoln
Thistle, Russian Flathead,
Thistle, Scotch Broadwater,  Carbon, Gallatin,  Lincoln,  Meagher,  Rosebud,
Western Water Hemlock Yellowstone, Missoula,
Wild Caraway Powell,
Wormwood Carbon,
Wormwood, Absinth Lincoln, Meagher,
Yellow Mignotte Judith Basin, Meagher,
Medusahead Sanders, Lake



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