Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.


Montana Weed Control Association Awards

As you go about your efforts to manage noxious weeds, please keep in mind MWCA awards. Who is a super weed fighter? What weed district is doing a great job?  If someone worthy comes to mind, please submit a letter of nomination of this person, group or business to the MWCA Awards Committee for consideration for a Montana Weed Control Association Award.

2016 Nominations are due by November 21 at the MWCA office.  Submissions may be submitted via email, US mail or fax.

MWCA Award Nominations Form

Historical Award Recipients

Three major awards may be presented at the MWCA Annual Awards Ceremony during the banquet dinner at the Great Falls Heritage Inn, January 2017

The awards are:

Weed Fighter of the Year

  • A proven leader who cooperates or partners with others. (Examples of partnership may include the public, departments, landowners and agencies.)
  • Institutes an aggressive attack on weeds.
  • Uses unique and innovative approaches to weed control.
  • Good use of integrated weed control.
  • Open to any age level.

 Outstanding Weed District

  • For a district that has increased public awareness of weed problems.
  • Involved county government and the general public in weed control efforts.
  • Used integrated and innovative approaches to overwhelming problems.
  • Has provided cost-effective means of control within the program.
  • Has shown improvement through on-the-ground treatment at a significant level within the county.
  • A weed district may only receive this award once within a 5-year period.
  • Please refer to the attached list to see who has won in the past.

 Barb Mullin Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Person has been active in the MWCA for 10 years or more.
  • Demonstrates leadership abilities.
  • Successfully deals with agencies and the public in the noxious weed effort.
  • Cash award of $100 in conjunction with Achievement Award.
  • Agency personnel, officials and private individuals may qualify.

 Nomination Process:

  • All nomination letters are sent to MWCA office by the due date stated above.
  • MWCA staff  will compile “packets” of nomination letters and send out to the work group established to vote on the nominees.
  • Work group members will have two weeks to review the packets and submit their ballot to the MWCA office for final tally.
  • MWCA staff and awards chair will work to secure awards for the nominees who receive the most votes.


MWCA Barb Mullin Memorial Fund

The Barb Mullin Memorial Fund was established in 2003, in honor of the Montana State Weed Coordinator who passed away unexpectedly in 2002. Barb was greatly respected in local and national circles for her efforts in noxious weed prevention and management in Montana. In 2006 the Montana Weed Control Association decided to rename this fund to the MWCA Memorial Fund, to reflect the diversity in the organization and honor all those who wish to contribute to this fund.

This fund supports annual awards that recognize an outstanding weed professional in Montana, and provides two cash awards to the best noxious weed project at the Montana State Science Fair for the high school and middle school level,

If you would like to contribute to the MWCA Memorial Fund, please go shopping cart page to make your donation.