Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Standing Committee & Work Groups

All members of the MWCA are always welcome to serve on any committee or work group of interest. Minutes from all MWCA committee and work groups can be found on our website library in MWCA Minutes. Contact Becky Kington for information on how to volunteer or with questions.

2017 MWCA Committees & Work Groups (6/1/2017)

Standing Committees

Executive Committee Purpose: Except for the power to amend the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws, the Executive Committee shall have all the powers and authority of the board of directors in the intervals between meetings of the board of directors, and is subject to the direction and control of the full board.  Amber Burch (President), Jill Allen (VP), Kellieann Morris (Past President), Clay Petersen (Treasurer), Kaaren Robbins (staff) and Becky Kington (ED)

Finance CommitteePurpose: to provide financial oversight for the organization including budgeting, financial and fund raising goal setting, creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.   Clay Petersen (C), Pam Schwend (C), Amber Burch, Jill Allen, Kellieann Morris, Becky Kington, Dan Dobler, Pam Converse, Dave Burch, Jesse Scott, Joe Lockwood and Pam Barnett.

Governance CommitteePurpose: To provide direction and governance of the MWCA board of directors, to actively solicit qualified, engaged and enthusiastic individuals to serve on the board, and to provide quality professional training for board members as opportunities arise. Kellieann Morris (C), Amber Burch, Jill Allen, Becky Kington, Dan Dobler, Rachel Frost, Pam Converse, Dave Burch, Jesse Scott, Dale Butori, Stone Tihista, Lisa Surber and Margie Edsall.

Public Policy Committee Purpose: To help the MWCA create a system of resolutions and public policy and work on creating resolutions as the need arises. Kellieann Morris(C), Amber Burch, Jill Allen, Pam Converse, Amy Adler, Karen Laitala, John Moodry, Kaaren Robbins, Rachel Frost, Bryce Christiaens, Stone Tihista, Jesse Scott, Dan Dobler, Dave Burch & Becky Kington.

Work Groups

Annual Conference Work Group – Purpose: To plan for and help prepare for the MWCA Annual Conference and awards ceremony. Jill Allen (C), Becky Kington (C), Kaaren Robbins, Norma Borgstrom, Kellieann Morris, Dave Burch, Jesse Scott, Stone Tihista, Pam Schwend, Christian Lehnert, Dave Brink, Christy Schram, Amber Burch, Margie Edsall and Lyle Scott.

 Awards Work GroupPurpose: To develop awards criteria and the nomination and voting process for awards nominees. The chair will handle ordering awards and producing the awards ceremony at the annual conference. Kellieann Morris (C), Becky Kington, Dan Dobler, Jill Allen, Pam Converse, Dave Brink, Jesse Scott, Dave Burch and Stone Tihista.

Coordinator Support Work Group Purpose:  To encourage professionalism, and provide operational and educational direction for Weed District Coordinators. Jesse Scott (C), Dale Butori, Stone Tihista, Pam Barnett, Lyle Scott, John Moodry, Christian Lehnert, Kaaren Robbins, and Margie Edsall.

Direction Work GroupPurpose: To reevaluate the mission and objectives of MWCA, to evaluate membership levels and basically review what the Association is about and where it needs to be headed. Kaaren Robbins (C), Becky Kington, Dan Dobler, Jill Allen, Glenn Colclough, Jesse Scott, Dale Butori, Stone Tihista, Pam Schwend, Trent Brusseau, Sean Dickens, Lyle Scott, Shantell Frame-Martin, Jim Gordon, Jane Mangold, Steve Tyrell, Rachel Frost, Pam Barnett, Dave Burch and Amber Burch.

Education Work Group – Purpose:  To encourage educational events, training, publications, and other activities to further the knowledge and expertise of MWCA members and the public. Christy Schram (C), Becky Kington, Kaaren Robbins, Audrey Harvey, Gary Adams, Norma Borgstom, Mike Miller, Jill Allen, Kellieann Morris, Pam Converse, Dave Burch, Jesse Scott, Lyle Scott, Lori Valadez, Jane Mangold, Floyd Thompson, Shantell Frame-Martin and Tracy Mosley.

Fundraising Work Group – Purpose: To discover ways to fundraise for MWCA and encourage board participation in fundraising endeavors. Amber Burch (C), Kellieann Morris, Jill Allen & Becky Kington

Integrated Weed Management Work Group Purpose: To encourage the development, research, and demonstration of sustainable, integrated weed management strategies. Karen Laitala (C), Jim Olivarez (C), Stacy Davis, Audrey Harvey, Gary Adams, Mike Miller, Monica Pokorny, Melissa Maggio-Kassner, Joe Merenz, Pam Converse, Steve Shelly, Jeff Littlefield, Lloyd Studer Jr., Dona Rutherford, Jane Mangold, Clay Petersen, Floyd Thompson, Lyle Scott, Bryce Christiaens, Lisa Surber, Tracy Sterling and John Gaskin.

Publications Editing Work Group – Purpose: To review and provide grammatical and editorial edits for publications produced by MWCA. Becky Kington (C), Kaaren Robbins, Pam Schwend, Mike Miller, Janie Alt, Tracy Mosley, Jill Allen, Kellieann Morris, Pam Coverse, Pam Barnett, Margie Edsall and Amber Burch.

Succession Planning Work Group – Purpose: To create a succession plan for the staff of MWCA. Tracy Mosley (C), Becky Kington (C), Kaaren Robbins, Dan Dobler, Dave Burch, Stone Tihista, Dona Rutherford, and Amber Burch.