Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Why Should You Care?

Invasive weeds are the greatest threat to Montana’s environment. When these invaders are allowed to invade and spread, they cause a reduction in wildlife forage, degrade fisheries through erosion and sediment buildup, reduce property values, and erode our beautiful viewsheds in Montana. Currently, Montana has approximately 7.6 million precious acres infested with state-listed noxious weeds, and several new and potentially devastating invaders knocking on the door at our borders.


From the Director's Desk

Well, spring in Montana is here in full force. The tulips are about a week or two away from flowering and we have about two inches of snow on the ground! I know I speak for everyone when I say, ENOUGH ALREADY! We are ready for some sun and warmth.

We just finished a successful weed manager training in Bozeman (where we also got about three inches of heavy, wet snow in an hour) with approximately 50 in attendance. There were some excellent speakers, some fantastic topics and some really good food – you can’t go wrong with Famous Dave’s.


Now Diana and I will be off to the eastern part of the state to complete that training next week in Miles City.  Lots of projects are in the works for committees, work groups and staff within the MWCA and with this latest moisture and warmer days coming, weeds are going to be propagating with a vengeance very soon. Be sure you are ready – get your certification credits, pull out the spray equipment and make sure it is in working order, check for cooperative events and trainings in your area and don’t forget to look at our weed ID to make sure you know what you are looking for and treating.


Until next time, have a blessed Easter holiday and think warmer weather and sunnier days.


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