Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Why Should You Care?

Invasive weeds are the greatest threat to Montana’s environment. When these invaders are allowed to invade and spread, they cause a reduction in wildlife forage, degrade fisheries through erosion and sediment buildup, reduce property values, and erode our beautiful viewsheds in Montana. Currently, Montana has approximately 7.6 million precious acres infested with state-listed noxious weeds, and several new and potentially devastating invaders knocking on the door at our borders.

From the Director’s Desk

Busy February for MWCA

It is the dead of winter in Montana but there are lots of happenings with MWCA this February. Diana Ericson will be employed by MWCA for another two weeks and will finish her 7 years with us on February 13th. We have advertised for her position with the job service and at this time, we are looking for an independent contractor who can work from home on the technical duties we need. The job closes next Wednesday, February 11th. We are hoping to have someone aboard by March 1st.

I will be leaving this Friday, February 6th to try my hand at being a snowbird for ten days in Wickenburg, Arizona. I will be back on February 16th. Diana will be manning the ship while I am gone.

Legislative items of note include HB 108 regarding the 12% administration of Trust Fund dollars for Department of Ag. The bill was passed in the Senate Ag Committee by 9 -0 and has been concurred. HB 167 regarding off road vehicle fees for out of state folks (and now includes a $1.50 fee for noxious weed management on those trails) has passed second reading by a 75 – 25 vote and has been referred to committee (House Appropriations).

We have three spring trainings in the works right now: The SW Area Commercial and Private Applicator Training on March 11 at the Deer Lodge Community Center, the western Spring Manager Training in Butte on March 24 & 25 and the eastern Spring Weed Manager Training in Miles City on April 8 & 9. Please check out the MWCA events page for more information.

Also, we are going to be asking for your scenic photos for the 2016 MWCA Scenic Calendar. If you have some great shots of Montana, and you are a member of MWCA, please consider submitting photos for this calendar. You will receive 25 calendars and much notoriety if your photo is chosen. Photos need to be submitted by May 1st.

The spring Weed Times will be put together in March with an estimated delivery date of the end of March. If you have submissions, please send them to Becky electronically. As you can see, plenty of action with the Association as we gear up for another weed season in Montana.

Lastly, Becky will officially be in mourning over the last call the Seahawks made in the Super Bowl for the rest of this year. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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